April 2, 2015

Fiber Packages

Fast and Reliable Upload and Download Speeds.

Fiber broadband connectivity is the fastest Internet currently available.  This means that whether you are using a computer or phone to stream your favorite movies or TV shows, video chatting or sharing photos with family and friends across the world, playing your favorite online game, or simply asking google every question imaginable, your connection will be fast and reliable.

Your Future Is Here.

Fiber-optics use light instead of electricity to transmit data, making data capacity and speed that much greater. Fiber cables are made from glass or plastic, making them immune to the electromagnetic interference that affects all metal cables (cat5 and cat6 for example). This allows more data to flow over great distances without degrading. The world is outgrowing copper based infrastructures, making way for the superior connectivity of a fiber-optic connections.

Fiber Setup Cost

Unlike our competitors we do not mark up the cost on any of our fiber installations. Our sub-contractors currently compete for bids so we can provide you with the lowest available pricing. We fully intend to certify our own fiber technicians to even further reduce your installation cost.

Many of our customers have taken advantage of our financing options, to spread out cost of the fiber install. Contact us for more information.

Under Contract With Another Fiber Provider?

If you are currently under contract with another provider for fiber optic connectivity, ZX4 can still provide you with a connection to our fiber network today. We can delay the start of our service until the end of the contract with your current provider. All we ask you pay up front is the cost of connecting to our network. Please note that financing is not available for delayed start service.

Carrier Grade Fiber Pricing

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Port Speed



1Gbps Port 100mbps (Capped) $879 Monthly
1Gbps Port 100Mbps (Burstable) Contact Us For More Details
10Gbps Port 1Gbps (Burstable) Contact Us For More Details
10Gbps Port (Unmetered) Contact Us For More Details

We are also excited to offer custom solutions to our clients, so please ask if there is something you need that is not currently listed.

Overage charges at $5/per mbps applies when going over data allowance for the month.